About Sue Charlton

This is Sue Charlton, her blog, her views,her articles and her photographs. For Sue, travelling is a passion, hospitality is a privilege and more than just eating food. With a wide area of interests that include music, media, politics and society… come walk a mile in her shoes?

All opinion, views, comments and photographs are the expressions of Sue Charlton and therefore are (c) Copyright to Sue Charlton 2015

6 thoughts on “About Sue Charlton

  1. hi sue, im a fan of your music and was wondering I I can buy a copy of your single I’m Amazed from you? I cant find it anywhere..thank you so much


  2. Hello, Sue , i’m looking for your single ” Amazed ” but i don’t find a copy please can you help please Best regards

  3. Hi Sue, i used to know Muff almost 50 years ago and lost touch with her. I am a South African lifestyle farmer (guesthouses) now and am compiling a scrapbook. Do you have any idea what happened to her? I would adore to hear any music you or the group did. Kind regards Lawrence de Robillard

    • Hi Lawrence, Gosh. Muff left for the UK in about 1983. I saw her a few times in the UK but lost contact with her around 1987 after she had met some Morris dancing love who changed her life and I believe she married him. I met him once, was not taken by him, but he made her happy and that was the main thing. So have no news after that I’m afraid. 🙂 Where did you know her from, did you know Colin her then husband ? Hope to hear. xx Sue

      • Hi Sue. Wow. I had t wipe a tear from my eye reading this. I met Muff in 1974 or so at Greatermans. Yes I knew Colin, the composer and blush when I recall our first meeting. xxx Lawrence

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