Plate Up! The Whippet – Linden – Johannesburg

Whippet Coffee 018For some time I have peered into the Whippet’s window wondering what goes on in there. I had seen postings on Facebook about burgers and tacos and music … we had to go!

So into the night we slid and entered the packed out Whippet. We decided we would have a glass of vino until a table became available, but intrepid Sue saw a space right at the back with two guys sitting only on one side of the bench styled table, so we asked to park there for awhile to which they happily obliged. So ching ching and all of that.

We just loved the vibe. Loud. Happy. Interesting. Different. Friendly.

We ordered two chilli cheddar burgers.They moved us to our own table within 15 minutes. Not long afterwards the food arrived. It looked gorgeous. Fresh salad and burger buns – the fries were great but a few more would have been welcome. Drum roll…the burger …a good burger. Tasty. Home-made, stuffed with cheese and chilli. Fresh.

For desert we both had the peppermint crisp tart. Well. It has to have been the best peppermint crisp tart/pudding/cake we have tasted. Fresh. Soft. Pepperminty. Yummee. My partner in crime loves coffee, and enjoyed the coffee enough to buy a bag and take it home for a further caffeine rush inspection.

The Whippet is young, vibey, lotsa chatter. It is friendly, very,friendly (Upon arrival and throughout we were made to feel welcome – maybe we stuck out as newbies heh!heh!) The young lady who served us really made an effort and introduced us to all that is ‘The Whippet’ – she knew her territory well. There was background music by two guitarists, which while hard to hear due to the obvious happiness of patrons and their chomping jaws, was actually very pleasant and I would have loved to hear more of them – perhaps another time.

Obviously a winning formula of a small menu – burgers and tacos.(I believe they have a winning cheese platter on offer during the day).Nice wine list. All reasonably priced.

The fun thing about the Whippet is you can practically buy anything there. You can buy the tables and the chairs (or at least place an order for a replica made for you); the chandeliers; handmade leather bags, wallets and belts as well as branded food pastes. Quite fun to mosey around the place seeing what was what.

We loved the vibe. The happy people. The happy food. Will pop back shortly.

Loo Patrol: unisex clean loos.

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