Gotta Get Out to the Bush

It’s been a tough year. The concrete jungle of Johannesburg clogs one’s brain eventually, and the desire for some breathe of bush air becomes intense.

We decided to choose somewhere new. Somewhere not too far away, but far enough for us to feel refreshed. Leeuvenhof in Limpopo called. While driving through Modimolle one couldn’t help but thinking about that poor woman who was brutally attacked by her ex husband and farm staff. Shivers.

Thinking of more pleasant encounters to come we flew through Modimolle and into the countryside to find our lair … and what a lair we found. Exquisite springs to mind as we drove down the dusty road to have a weekend of luxury complete with a spa treatment booked.

Leeuvenhof D3000 Oct 2014 013Leeuvenhof D3000 Oct 2014 012

The intrepid travellers that we are had again, found a sanctuary of delight. For once we checked in without showing a credit card or filling in a form… we were shown directly to the patio for a drink and an enquiry for lunch, which we had: amazing corn soup for me and a delicious salad for my better half.

Our room was huge and comfortable and overlooked the gardens and the bush. The lodge comes complete with roaming Ostrich and buck, which we could see from the window of our room. Needless to say it didn’t take us long to grab the Nikon’s and have a little walk down to where the bush began.

Leeuvenhof D3000 Oct 2014 017DSC_1553Leeuvenhof D3000 Oct 2014 007

Dining at Leeuvenhof is an experience. A four course dinner awaits. Well presented, great food was placed before us each evening, small fine dining portions which left you feeling you had tasted something special without feeling stuffed! When experiencing great food one should compliment the Chef, and we did, and she was so pleased to hear that we had enjoyed her culinary delights.

Breakfast was a treat: fresh fruit, cereals, fresh yoghurt, cheeses and cold meats, flapjacks and superbly poached eggs and the usual suspects got us off to a great start.

The full body massages relaxed us just in time to watch the Springboks thump the All Blacks with a rowdy, rugby yelling crowd in the bar.

Early on the Sunday morning – 0530 – we walked off into the bush; up the hills on the winding pathways – Chat! Chat ! The vista was just too beautiful. We stood still and photographed a family of Zebra, who protected their new offspring cautiously. We saw the buck roaming in the long grassy veld – but most of all we got that bush air in our lungs and made peace with ourselves that sometimes while playing in the concrete jungle one forgets to do.

DSC_1665DSC_1658DSC_1642 - CopyLeeuvenhof D3000 Oct 2014 025

There is something about walking past wildlife that humbles you; it is a precious experience.

There is something about taking off to the countryside that clears your brain; unclutters your life and reminds you that it is the simple things in life that makes one feel contented – especially if it is accompanied by some fine vino and some of the most picturesque views – SOUL FOOD!

Leeuvenhof D3000 Oct 2014 027


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