I’m Amazed

sue c solo 1Insisters and su 7 singles

I left the all girl South African band, The Insisters, in the early 80s.

I went a single solo – one seven inch single released. ‘I’m Amazed’ backed by ‘Someone’ received good reviews even though it didn’t sell.

I have been truly amazed that over the years –  some, what, 30 years – that I am receiving a steady stream of requests for that solo single . From Japan, LA, UK, South Africa (obviously).

I have re-recorded it with the infamous Gary Herselman to update it. I like the revamp – it rolls nicely. Need to add it to the Su Insister Privately Live Shows.

To all of you who have contacted me for this song, I thank you very much.

Great song actually … even if I say so myself.

If you are looking for me I am in the shower humming!

I'm Amazed cover

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