Eating Out is a Luxury… But I Need It!

I need comfort food, regularly. Working from home leads to solitude, so one needs to bolt the horse carriage and get out into the open air even if it  is polluted with corpspeak!

I have heard of food ‘institutions’ just down the road from where I live, one of them being the over-the-top Belgables, where we went for our monthly anniversary. My oh my. Opulence on a grand scale from times before I knew who I was. Art. Sculpture. Decorasie (English trans. decoration). Antique furniture.

Belgables 030

Belgables is remarkable for its (now) olde world elegance, harking back to times gone by before Stonewall.

Belgables 017

Belgables 014

I loved it. To be amongst such ornate decorasie and plumage.

Food – 110% perfecto.

But, to the food… trot trot trot….

Could not fault the food. Home cooked. Innovative.

Belgables 037

Belgables 031

Belgables 036

Belgables is an experience beyond description.

It is in Muldersdrift, North West of Johannesburg. Don’t miss it!

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