Flap Flap I love It

I love everything about air travel. The airports, the duty free, the airline lounges, the quick food, the slow food – everything.


After steering myself through passport control, and avoiding basket collisions in the duty-free, I always head off to the airline lounges. I love the sandwiches, the salads, the cold coke cans, the little packets of snacks, the red wine in good glass and of course the comfortable chairs. Heaven.



Trying out the showers in the international lounges – gosh lots of dispensers to press and play with. Soft towels and gowns.



I am exceptionally lucky, that on most of my flights over recent years I have been privileged enough to turn ‘left’ at the end of those boarding gangways.

I love the seats. The taking of the jacket for hanging up by courteous cabin staff. The onboard welcome glass of lemon,lime and mint. I love the bag of goodies for the trip: toothpaste, perfumes, hand cream. The menus from which you can select your meal and when you would like to eat it. The flat screen tv. The touch button to dim the window brightness. The ‘bed’ the sleepie-suits and the duvet.

It offers a pressurised cabin to de-pressure in. No-one can reach me for the duration of the flight. I can watch movies or read my book quietly. I can sleep nicely. I can be spoiled by the crew who just want me to be a happy little passenger. 🙂



There is something intriguing and exciting about the whole ‘flap flap’ experience. Walking the terminals is interesting – you see the whole world in one place. Differing cultures, preferences, attire. Fascinating.

There is something thought provoking and exciting about sitting in a ‘tin can’ for hours, flying silently through the skies, out of reach, watching the clouds go by, looking down on rivers running through continents. Bliss!

Then boom! Out you climb. Transported to a familiar land or an unfamiliar space to explore. Grabbing your bags, taking the photographs, back to reality for a bit.

Then boom! Boom! Back to the check-in. Seeing your bags disappear hoping they will make it like you have done. The long walk and search corridor. Off with your leather belts and shoes. “Why so many cameras” they ask “I have many eyes” I reply.


Turn ‘left’ and welcome back Sue.

Flap. Flap. Flap.


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