Take a Nap on the Far Side of Life

Normally I am quite good at researching guest houses and accommodation, but in the last month or so I have have had my ups and downs,until a wedding called me down to the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Selfishly not being too keen to book into the wedding venue, I researched nearby alternatives, and came across the Far Side Farm in Nottingham Road.

The drive up from King Shaka International Airport on the N3 was a bit longer than I expected, and as I drove closer to the Midlands  on this Friday early evening the mist began to drop, visibility was low and roadworks didn’t help me reach the guest house on time. Luckily I kept in touch with Ryan the manager of the guest house and he waited for me to arrive.

Nerves frayed – I hate driving alone in the mist on strange roads – I eventually went flying down the road to the entrance of the Far Side Farm.

A warm welcome was still on hand. I cannot express how I felt upon being shown the Manor House, a log fire constantly burned in the lounge nearby the breakfast room, a pool table room, an honesty bar, lotsa dogs and cats. Because the weather was unusually grim, the wooded decor and comfortable couches just made this manor house so cosy. I felt even though I had travelled far to reach this amazing sanctuary, that had waited to open their doors and impress me, was worth every low flying cloud, every hectic drop of storm water and distance.

Me being me, I had also researched somewhere to eat. Being a Friday night and not wanting to stray to far from ‘home’ I had booked a table a Linga Lapa a nearby meat place. Thought I could have a good cheese burger a few vino’s and head home. A pub type place, where all, and then some, regularly congregate, I could understand the attraction by the warm welcome from the owner and his staff that I received. Pretty basic pub type fare but a happy vibe for a single diner.

Happily heading back to the Far Side Manor, it was such a gorgeous feeling to grab a vino from the honesty bar, say goodnight to the cat on the landing, and climb into a most comfortable bed after having had a warm and luxurious shower.


I always know when I am in the right place. My heart sings happy tunes, I enjoy every element of my room such as blankets and pillows, soaps and warm water, couches and carpets – it’s the vibe, it infiltrates my being and I am at one, content!

Up early for breakfast and a walk before dressing for the wedding.

Breakfast is fresh: beautifully sculptured fruit, eggs, breads, cheeses. Place your order the night before and all you have to do is sit, as your food is served to you as you like it, your tea arrives, all graciously spaced out for you to take your time.

I am not one for common eating tables in guest houses, because I am at times moody and solitary in the morning, not because I am unhappy, but because I am waking up! So when I return to this magnificent place, I might just request a table-so-solo so I can ‘aclimitise to myself’ as I feed myself on their absolutely to die for breakfast.

I took a short walk with my cameras, down to the dam where there are a few self catering cottages and then along the tree-lined driveway. Looking across the farmlands into the distance. Soul food. All of this accompanied by a little Jack Russel and ‘a.n. other’, who followed me, never left my side, and made sure I returned to the manor safely.

The Far Side Farm is gorgeous, I want to go back, soon. Yes you may hear other guests leaving early or coming home later in the evening as the climb up and down the staircase, but it is not too disturbing.

The decor of the room I had was amazing, I couldn’t believe it. Warm wood, fluffy white towels, a huge bed and a view that looked over the farm and hills.

It is quite a luxurious establishment, it is a ‘quality’ place.

The dogs and cats engage with you, follow you and even give you a bit of their heart – love them.

A family run establishment, it adds a personal touch to your stay.

I haven’t found such a gorgeous place for awhile, and you know me, I rave about such finds.

Thinking of the KZN Midlands, think Far Side Farm as a sleeper.

I want to go back, soon. Why? Because I just loved it so.




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