A New Political Shot At Change

2005_1119art0009 - CopySo Mamphela Ramphele launches her new poliical initiative, I call it an ‘initiative’ because while it has a name ‘Agang’ (Sesotho for Build) – what a name for a country currently wracked by violence!- it has to collar much support to become a feasible and practical opposition to the ruling ANC.

I am no political analyst, but in my amateur armchair I ask: do we need more split opposition votes? The Democratic Alliance (DA) made major inroads to the ANC’s support base in the last election. BUT the DA has major and considerable perception problems. COPE was launched amid much fanfare and loudhailing, with great people on board ..what happened??? Where is it?

What does South Africa need: it needs to address all the community basic requirements (housing, education, healthcare, welfare); needs an uncorrupt government; political fairness and accountability and a vision that can steer the country to the powerhouse it can become

I welcome opposition, it keeps the ruling party on edge (well theoretically – the only edge they feel is when the finer things of their corrupt lives falls under the microscope!). We have a new voter mindset in South Africa, one that perhaps will not vote historically. One that sees the corruption and non-delivery and asks why? We have a youth that does not remember nor was part of our turbulant past – so many say what was June 16th? Where was Bophuthatswana ?

Mamphela should be applauded. I believe her intentions are good. Can she crack this sacred ANC voting cow without any coalitions with other parties?? Time will tell.

Us, we, me, you, the average tax payer desires a decent society. We pay our taxes and rates. We want good clean governance….. ohwheretonow?

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