Happy Birthday Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is 80 and still performing. It feels like yesterday she was chastised and insulted for being the ‘oriental’ that stole our favourite Beatle away from his suburbia. What rubbish! It would appear that our John Lennon was itching to explore the alternative unconventional side to himself. Yoko was the catalyst in my opinion.

I have always liked her. I tried in vain as a youngster to ‘get’ her music. I bought the original ‘Instant Karma’ 7″ single which had ‘Who Has Seen The Wind’on the reverse side, and ‘Give Peace A Chance’ with the haunting ‘Remember Love’ on the flip side.

I never saw her as one of the women who broke up The Beatles (along with Linda). Yoko intrigued me – her music was different. Her view on life was refreshing.

I bought her Ono Box – it was a revelation. Especially her solo music with the Elephants Memory band – raunchy, powerful! Her music on ‘Double Fantasy’ and ‘Milk and Honey’ was unique: commercial yet different, niche. She complimented Lennon, or did he compliment her? I don’t know. Yoko’s music stretched my conventionalism and I liked that.

So Yoko, on your 80th birthday – peace to you.

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