PRO’S Create Their Own Agony

Having recently read a colleagues rave about the stupidity and rudeness of some public relations officers (pro’s) just thought I would add my five cents worth.

I have for many years bemoaned the lack of media skills that pro’s tend to have. They seem to focus on learning about corporate social investment, event management or internal relations – I find it infuriating that one of their main target audiences ie the media are treated with such insignificance. Pro’s really do cause most of their own agony.

We all realise that you are there to stump for the company that you work for – but please it would make relationship building and communications more realistic if you also took the time to educate those who pay your salary on how the media works – there are no guarantees, it’s all about media statement/release content and readership relevance.

If you want to work with the media then please do us all a favour and find out how they work? One other slap for your ‘pro’ wrist as well, well maybe two actually: how can you presume that any editor will automatically publish your media statement just because YOU think you’re so lovely? Why do you not learn the basics of placement work that perhaps the appropriate style for a business daily paper may not be the same format for a trade and technical or an online outlet – if you do some research and use the enquiring mind one was given, that should equate to some self-education of these vital media vehicles.

The journalist – in the main – will do some research to get to know your company, why then can you not do some research to get to know how journalists and the media work?


Copyright (C) Sue Charlton 2013

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