Are The Chips Falling on Sun City

I am a regular degenerate of Sun City. I went to see Leo Sayer open the Sun City Hotel in the early 80’s. Went to see Elton, Linda Ronstadt, Pink, Beach Boys etc. Always had a flutter on the tables.

Won a weekend for two when the Palace at The Lost City opened from my membership of the Johannesburg Press Club. Bought two timeshares, then one more in 2011. Stayed at Cascades….. blah blah.

The casino at the Sun City Hotel, before it was watered down into non-smoking and smoking, was always a blast. Vibey. Full. Pumping. Exciting. Fun. You could have dinner alongside the casino and with full tum go gamble.

So sorry to see the restaurant – who never changed its menu, certainly not in the last three years – has closed and is replaced by a bunch of slot machines. The singer with backing tracks and guitar still plonks away however through distorted speakers.

Fewer roulette tables are open than before, and only in the evenings – man what am I going to do during the day after tanning like a beached whale by the pool!?

The croupiers in the past, were great fun – engaging, laughing – now I am observing the Croupier Frown or the Croupier Oh My God What a Bunch Of Small Time Gamblers look – very sad because gambling for those of us not addicted is just a nice way to spend a few hours, with some good giggles and a vino.

The surrounding restaurants like Orchid and Calabash no longer seem to be open for lunch – with the Orchid surely awarding itself a medal for Grumpy Service for a Woman Dining Alone . I actually go there just to be insulted by their bad service just for fun!!! The Peninsular restaurant also has not changed its menu in well over 3 years – can’t do the mashed peas on fish any more ….. byebye!

In the last four years at the Vacation Club there has always been something that blew up or ceased to function. A light bulb needing to be replaced. A kettle not working. A non functioning extractor fan. Noisy neighbours. When we bought the very first timeshare everything worked just fine, no calls to maintenance or housekeeping. Cutting corners?

So are the chips falling at Sun City? Is the sun setting? Certainly the complex is extremely well maintained. The service has been the most wanting I have ever experienced in some 11 years. Staff get surlier. Queues get longer. Restaurants more unavailable and roulette, well, don’t yawn they may pack the stash away!

Only da minkies still come and say hello wid a smile.

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