2011_0417skydiningsjc0054 - Copy2011_0529Pineszoommay20110074I love eating out. I enjoy the whole dining out experience: new restaurants; new food; service; location; ambiance you name it I love it.

So to my horror I report a new trend in curry dishes – that is dishes without crucial ingredients. Two leading indian curry restaurants in the north of Johannesburg are obviously cutting corners. Key components in a Navrattan Curry are cashew nuts and a nice creamy sauce. But these two eateries had either run out on the night or are cutting corners. The result at both establishments was that I walked out disappointed and unsure of a return visit despite being a regular patron of the past.

Swiftly moving on to pizza establishments and their soggy bases. A nice pizza has a good crisp base, fresh and nicely chopped toppings served appealingly. My usual hang out in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, now slops up soggy based pizzas with wet tasting avos or canteen style curried mince hurled over the pizza base. Byebye! No more patronage from me.

Swiftly moving on to cutlery. I have managed to get my head around the fact that fish knives in general, are a thing of the past, but eating a burger with a butter knife takes the well…burger a long time to be cut! When asking for a steak knife or a meat knife at a mediterranean restaurant in Greenside, Johannesburg, I was met with an astonished stare as the guilty butter knife was held firmly in my hand. Common restaurant sense isn’t it? Meat needs meat knife yo!

Glasses and clearing up. Pet hate for me is a restaurant who does not provide a clean glass for a second order of wine or beer or whatever, just tops up the old clammy one. Blerrrgh! Pet hate number two is when a plate is cleared before the other guests have finished eating – last time I knew, restaurants of good standing waited for all guests to finish before clearing course plates?

Are standards dropping? Is the economic climate making restaurateers cut back on ingredients, service and presentation? If so, then please expect your regulars customers to move on to where they can obtain the quality food and service they used to expect from you!

So if your lettuce leaf limps, or your steak starts to sag, or your pizza looks like the back of a pik-it-up truck and your wine glass is grimey – take your feet and walk!