Obamarising the Middle East

I don’t profess to be an expert on the politics or dynamics of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Having visited Israel and seen the places of major faiths merge in Jerusalem, it is hard to understand why tolerance, respect of faith and differences can not be established like a no-fly zone around these temples of prayer and make this area sacrosanct and above politics and politicians.

So Prez Obama’s visit and his quest to address the youth and the people of both Israel and Palestine I feel needs to be applauded.

It is the youth of both these troubled lands that will inherit the conflict that so called experienced elders have failed to resolve. It is the youth that need to be inspired to think outside of the box. So when Prez Obama says to the Israeli people “stand in their shoes – how do you think it feels?” and when Prez Obama asks Palestine to not get bogged down in the ever-recurring settlements but to look further ahead towards the goal of peace – he is addressing and questioning the future of the region through the people who will be tasked to try ‘something new’. It should be applauded.

So many times political head-banging is directed at the same old brain-cell dead recipient – no wonder not much changes! Politicians in particular have speeches and opinions draughted on their behalf by their minions. The machinations of government at best, are laborious and lack innovative spirit.

I find it refreshing to put the opportunity for peace on the table to the youth in these two regions while at the same time ensuring the head-honcho’s don’t feel by-passed even though in blinking they missed the creative savvy of the US Prez.

I am not of faith. But I often bow to the rising sun for peace in this region.

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