Plate Up! – Burnsides, Craighall

Just off Jan Smuts Avenue, past Craighall, Johannesburg is a lovely restaurant called Burnsides. Bit of a way-around to reach it what with the one way street but upon arrival you find a really lovely old house with a terrace and a warm welcome.

We chose to have an early supper and were booked in for 1830. Menus promptly supplied. Drinks order promptly taken. While requesting a few extra minutes to make our food selection, the staff did kind of get involved in a ‘natter’ amongst themselves, so I needed to call for service, but the response was quick (not apologetic) and the order was taken.

Me being a burger fan I had to have the beef burger with cheese, pickles, mayo and chips and I ordered a side salad as well. My Other Half ordered a mozarella and veggie salad. Lovely fresh bread and fresh saged butter arrived. Yum.

The burger – well done as requested – arrived – delish! The chips were great! The side salad was fresh, crispy and tasty. The Mozzie and veggie salad was apparently to die for. Would go back for the above any day. Desert was a creme brulee served with berries, which were obviously good because Other Half scooped them all up! Lovely brulee. They say the key to the brulee is how the top breaks – this one broke perfectly. YUMMY!

A small but good menu is on offer. If I could drag my jaws away from burgers I might be tempted to explore more.

The wines were good. Served in a quality fine glass.

I did have to ask for a clean knife for my burger, having just used the only knife available for the bread and the butter munch. Tablecloth could have been slightly whiter and brighter.

The service was good. The bill reasonable: two glasses of red, two glasses of white, small sparkly, two main courses one with an extra salad, one espresso and one desert – damage ? Just over R400 including tip.

We have in the past had to book at Burnside well in advance so it is well supported. It’s friendly and cosy. Worth a vissie! Would trundle back in a few months happily.

2 thoughts on “Plate Up! – Burnsides, Craighall

  1. Would definitely try this place Sue based on your blog. I love the style you use to write reviews. So many are boring. Yours really give a feel for the whole place and I’ll happily trust any recommendations you make. Lucky Burnsides to feature on your blog.

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