I have always liked Dopio Zero in Greenside. For me it is the Dopio flagship. Nicely situated, comfortable, great service, nice food, plenty of space, good parking facilities.

I started to change my mind a bit late last year, service became a bit tardy, food quality dropped.

This year I have been there three times:

i) we went for dinner, pleasant enough, nice food, crummy service and an endless wait for the credit card machine to get working and take my card.
ii)went for dinner, had my wine glass topped up instead of being brought a clean one, service was a tad tardy with no meat knife.
iii) went for an early supper with a friend, she had a menu, when I joined her I was offered no menu – but knowing what I wanted (A BURGER!!!) I wasn’t too fussed. The waiter came and took my friends order and was about to march off. I called him back and asked why I was not asked for my order. The response was “You didn’t want a menu (wasn’t offered one pal!) so I presumed you were not eating”. I said I know what I want from the menu, now, would you like to take my order?? Disgraceful service. A waiter surely is expected to ensure that all people at the table have what they need or want whenever they are servicing that table ? Bye Bye!