Plate Up! The Red Chamber

I remember when the Red Chamber opened in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, and over the years it has become my most favourite of all Chinese restaurants in town.

We frequent The Red Chamber regularly. Why ? Simple. Always greeted warmly. Good service and great food that is served piping hot. Last night my Other Half suprised me with a booking for dinner. We were looking forward to a relaxing evening, we knew what we wanted to eat – so didn’t bother with the menus much to the amusement of Tony our waiter, who turned to the server and said “No menus… they know what they want” with a huge chuckle.

Our drinks were served, and we just had time to enjoy perhaps four sips when hey presto our ‘Sizzling Duck’ and ‘Sweet and Sour Chicken’ arrived. Tasty. Scrumptious. Well presented. Hot. Sizzling. We tucked in. The duck was to die for, soft and tender, well presented, tasty and sizzling like mad. The sweet and sour is just the best in town with pineapple and carrots and a generous covering of sauce.

A yummy bow-tie and an extremely large ginger tea – with the hugest chunk of fresh giner we ever did see – wrapped up our tummy requirements for the evening.

I was just finishing off my meal, when Tony came to remove the dishes, not seeing I was still eating, he apologised for taking them before both of us had finished – but it was my fault as I was peering helplessly at my last mouthful and therefore obstructed his view. That is the touch of a well trained waiter – I do so loathe plates leaving before all have finished eating. Pet hate.

Loo Review: the Red Chamber is serviced by the Hyde Park Centre loos – which have always been well lit, clean and tidy. No loo-py problems there 🙂

Yum…. still enjoying my satisfied taste buds 24 hours later!

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