Plate Up! Tei Avon

I have avoided the infamous Mi-Vami mainly because I am not addicted to schwarmas and some of the staff hanging outside before their reincarnation at Victory Park shopping centre, have been to say the least intimidating.

So imagine my surprise when the revamped Victory Park Shopping Centre, The Terrace also relaunched Mi-Vami under the new name Tei Avon.

My food blogs are not so much about the food but the ambiance and service.

We ventured in this week. Excellent service. Friendly polite and efficient and most of all helpful to schwarma novices.

But you know me I see a burger on the menu and whamo can’t move beyond that.

The cheese burger has to be one of the best I have eaten in Johannesburg. Well done Tei Avon. Other Half had a falafel schwarma which was reported (and eaten) as fabulous. The ambiance of the new premises is really very nice. Smart but casual. Quite trendy with a well stocked bar area. Nice furnishings, huge flat screens on two walls.

Just to make sure I hadn’t blinked I went back there tonight. Had another burger (ok! ok! ok!) – was delish! Service, again, really good, pleasant and friendly.

Good cutlery for meat. Second wine was served in a clean glass. The house wine was good quality. The food reasonably priced.

Staff really very very friendly. Could become our hang-out!

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