Plate Up ! Bice – Revisited

Oh we had such a lovely dinner at Bice, Tsogo Sun, Hyde Park, Johannesburg before, superb service, great food, lovely ambiance. I think I mentioned we would go back? Well we did.

Warmly welcomed at the door. Politely shown to our table via their Masterchef surprise which we declined – we like to watch them battle it out on TV but obviously not on our plates at our expense 🙂

First disappointment – no napkin placed on my knee this time – that is one of the things I love about fine dining, the etiquette of the waiters. Made me sour faced.

The food was as excellent as per our previous visit, but the service was not as good. We were disappointed. Many times throughout the evening we had to attract the attention of the waiter either for a refresher drink or a query. Compared to our first visit the service bordered on sloppy.

Now we understand why Bice gets mixed reviews – inconsistency.

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