No Military Intervention … Please!

Syria… atrocity after atrocity after atrocity. Does the US have a right to intervene militarily? I think not. I don’t know what the solution is, these kind of events seem to just keep rolling by and if it isn’t Syria it is elsewhere. Humankind is not inspiring a lot of the time lately.

Chemical warfare is a terrible course of action that Syria undertook, on its own people. The horror of it is not wasted on me. I ask how you turn this around without more slaughter and indeed more chemical usage. If one agrees to not use certain elements of war because of the impact and the possibility for all and sundry to retaliate in some similar manner then what on earth is Syria doing?

I am astonished to realise that Prez Obama is seeking support for this kind of action. The States never won in Vietnam; nor Iran, Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere else since the last World War. The States may have killed perpetrators such as Bin Laden et al … but that is not winning a war.

So if the States goes ahead will it be the traditional gung ho bombing to oblivion concept – a wasteful exercise bar stimulating the US economy.

The US may be big and powerful but isn’t it about time they started to use their foreign policy influence that Hillary Clinton spearheaded a little more constructively?

Come on Prez Obama don’t do this…. you are bigger than this kind of action so don’t tarnish the potential of your legacy. Find another solution.

Excuse me if this all sounds rather simplistic and perhaps not fully informed – but the US has to stop bravado bombing – find another solution please!

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