Is Sun City Losing The Foody Sparkle

I love Sun City. I like relaxing there. I like eating there and I like roaming around there, but is it losing a bit of its foody sparkle? One could go to a different decent restaurant every night a year ago, bit pushed to do that now.

Pool service at the now renamed Soho Hotel has always been an issue, then a few years ago they got it right, and light lunches were available to the sun worshipers. Now it is determined by occupancy. Recently I was told the kitchen staff didn’t pitch one day because there were not enough patrons. Fairy nuff, but why not cut back on the service than shut it down completely?

I’m not in to the Valley of the Waves fast food bun fight, I’m too old for that so maybe they still sparkle nicely there.I’m not into the  Nandos sit-down or Mugg and Bean options of the Sun Central Centre (I think that it is what it is now called) either, if I want fast or unappetising food I can go back to my timeshare and cook 🙂

Once there was a reasonable selection of good, decent restaurants in the hotels, like the Peninsula restaurant at the Cascades that used to serve dinner, but hasn’t for some time now. Crystal Court at The Palace changed to buffet service – which was superb – but now seems to close down depending on occupancy – again why not reduce the service instead of shutting it down? Not everyone will have high tea for supper. Soho has the great Legends restaurant, Cascades now has Bocado which seems to hold its head up relatively well, the service at both of these restaurants was superb recently.The buffet dinner restaurant at Soho was not impressive the last time I went. The Asian and curry restaurants lurk alongside the gaming area.Timeshare has an Ocean Basket and a Spur.

The Gary Player Country Club was not even open for lunch.The Lost City Golf Course restaurant offered a suitable breakfast.

Those wanting chicken nuggets or a slice of fast food pizza are well catered for.

Maybe it is the older generation that wants a bit more than some quick fried fish and chips; maybe it is the economy, but maybe reduce and not cease could be food for thought. Sun City hotel restaurants were always a delight in trying out the new – I hope the ‘new’ comes back – I don’t really want to slim down while there, I want to indulge myself.



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