Fine Dining on the Rocks

My first time at Harbour House, Kalk Bay, Western Cape, was over ten years ago. The position is what enables you to fall in love with this restaurant. Set up and aside from the popular Kalk Bay Fishing Harbour, the view is to dine for and the fish, quite obviously fresh.

Since my first dinner of fillet – which was one of the best I have tasted and one that was cooked as requested ‘from ashes to ashes’ – to my most recent visit in July 2019 my taste buds have lightened a tad, and as I watched the waves come crashing in over the rocks, I tucked into the most gorgeous of fine dining food around.

As a frequent ‘independent diner’, it is always intriguing to see how you are received as a flying solo menu grabber. Harbour House welcomes you with just as much warmth as they do when Batgirl and her Robyn check in.

The decor at Harbour House is white with some blue with wooden flooring and large glass windows giving you amazing views no matter where you are seated.

Lunch was a Cream Corn Soup with creme fraiche and chive mousse. Beautifully presented. Small portion. Taste buds left the building on a high and hot on the heels of Elvis.

A very filling main course followed of locally caught hake fillet accompanied by a Salsa Verdi – garlic mash, green beans, soft poached egg and aioli. Delicious. A gastronomical explosion of tastes. Superbly presented and beautifully cooked.

Not one to generally have three courses, but dribbling over the desert menu led me to order their decadent Chocolate Tart. In fact, having spotted the choice while looking at the mains selection, I did leave some room (by not finishing the hake completely) to try this tart out – I like trying out tarts!

We all have foodie haunts that we go back to, and go back to and then go back to… Harbour House is one of mine.

Great views, great service, superb dining, good wine and not too far out from Cape Town.

What more does the heart need?



2 thoughts on “Fine Dining on the Rocks

  1. Well, you know what I’m having for dinner tonight – so everything you’ve photographed looks absolutely perfect. And your opening paragraph says a lot about any restaurant for me: “The position is what enables you to fall in love with this restaurant” ~ and a seafood restaurant overlooking the ocean, it already starts off as a winner. Cheers to a great weekend.

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