Nothing Wrong with a Gorgeous Puffy Pie

Who doesn’t eat pie? A pie is a pie is pie, but then there is THE pie at Olive and Plates, Exclusive Books, Hyde Park.

Trying out Olive and Plates has been on my hit list for a few years, so when they replaced the not so popular, ultra swanky fine dining restaurant at Exclusive’s flagship branch I was there in a flash.

Don’t go if you are watching your waistline because as you are greeted, there is a table of the most amazing array of cakes and tarts, that you almost feel to stay right there and tell yourself “Who needs a main course?”. I bravely trudged past to our table.

The restaurant itself is nicely kitted out, with good glassware, crockery and cutlery and attentive service. The menu is extensive, which I think is a ploy to get you back to try more dishes – it succeeded, I will be back…soon.

With eyes continuously landing on the chicken and mushroom pie choice, I sat back, sipped my wine and waited.Low and behold this marvelous creation of a puffed up pie, salad, and some french fries on the side landed. A larger dish than expected, but glorious in all its scent and aroma. YUM YUM.

The pastry – and I lurv pastry – was light, and fluffy, breaking upon touch to reveal chicken and mushrooms, healthily ( yeah right!) smothered in the most delightfully rich and creamy sauce and garnishing. Pie heaven.

The salad was fresh with good sized slices of feta cheese – absolutely delicious and a meal in its own right.

Who doesn’t eat cake ? Go eat cake! Bring me cake! In particular, bring me the Olive and Plates Lemon Chiffon sponge cake.

There is no photo – I ate it all, then exploded into pie and cake heaven.

If you are looking for me, you might find me beached on the sand somewhere, digesting every morsel of this wonderful food, with a satisfied grin on my face.

One thought on “Nothing Wrong with a Gorgeous Puffy Pie

  1. “There is no photo – I ate it all, then exploded into pie and cake heaven.” I love this, there is no better way to enjoy an evening of great dining than to dive right in. Meanwhile, here I am cooking for myself tonight…hmmm, looks like cold cereal yet again 🙂 🙂 🙂

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