Revvy Trevvy and Zonked Out Zuma

How lovely to read Trevor Manuel’s (South African Minister in the Presidency)comments about the role of civil servants and government representatives. I agree it is time to stop using the apartheid era as an excuse for bad service, non-delivery of governmental services and apathy towards serving the citizens of our country. Yay!

I believe nearly every country in the world has a history that has in some guise or another impacted negatively on a community. These atrocities should never be forgotten, but they should at some stage, and certainly some 19 years (and four consecutive terms of office) after democratic elections in South Africa, not be used as an excuse for poor performance on the job at the expense of those that struggled with you,who pay their taxes to pay your salary Mr Civil Servant!

Indeed those appointed via political patronage should realise they are accountable to the government department that they serve and to the people of South Africa. Those that are appointed with deep pockets, and/or receive back-handers on state tenders, should be fired says me!

It is interesting to read Revvy Trevvy’s comments due to his position in the presidency, as his boss Zonked Out Zuma made comments last September to the opposite. Is a chasm starting to open here ?

Talking of Zonked Out Zuma – who commented everyone wants to run the country – well yes sir we do, mainly because those who were elected are failing to do so!!!

4 thoughts on “Revvy Trevvy and Zonked Out Zuma

  1. We underestimate President Zuma at our peril. He is shrewd, politically savvy, ruthless and corrupt. This is a toxic combination. The treatment Julius Malema (not my favourite person) has received of late is a potent indication of the power Zuma wields and the lengths to which he will use it so further his own agenda. Rather than zonked out, I believe that Zuma is very much zonked in. Using the pseudo-democracy of our country, he has installed himself as the de facto dictator of our beloved country. Nothing and no-one will be allowed to stand in his way.

    • No-one is under-estimating him David .. just expressing an opinion that while he may have friends and influences in high places, he is useless at steering this country to the greatness it deserves. In my opinion, he shown no leadership, no foresight and has become a symbolic dictator. The quandry is why he remains elected when there are many other officials with the qualities to lead that South Africa desperately requires.

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