Plate Up: Superbly Le Souffle

I haven’t food blogged for awhile. Doesn’t mean I have stayed home, quite the contrary.

My friend, the late Tony White, had a favourite restaurant in the north of Johannesburg, Le Souffle. Situated in the Pineslopes Shopping Centre, originally it was a small french restaurant, very quaint, with a small, select menu. I don’t know when it moved and expanded, but now, it is around the corner from its original home, the newfound space fabulous, and the expanded menu to die for.

I recently had a business lunch at Le Souffle and was so knocked out that I went back two weeks later. The starter dish that brought me back was the Salmon Trout with a Flapjack and Horseradish Sauce.

This starter sets your taste buds on fire with flavour. The combination is unbelievable. I would easily have this as a main course.

The chilled Gazpachio soup had by my partner in crime was crunchy, spicy, cold and yum yum. Very generous portion. This soup is on my check list for the next visit.

Throwing caution to the wind, I decided this time to have a three course meal, and plumped for the Chicken and Leek Pie with mashed potatoe and vegetables. The other side of the table went for the chicken salad.

The pie was fresh, you could smell the leek flavour and the chicken was nicely portioned and the creamy sauce divine with thinly chopped mushroom. The small portion of mash and veg was perfect. The chicken salad came drizzled in a soy and chilli sauce, fresh, fresh, fresh.

Some nice red vino and a light beer smoothed the way through the main course.

I shouldn’t have three course meals, too much food! I couldn’t resist their signature desert though – choc-chip souffle – now you tell me how can you not try this on a second visit 🙂

Piping hot. Fluffy as a parrot’s head. As light as a bubble in sparkling water, and the choc-chip… I went to heaven. Quite rich, but worth the experience.

You might see my car driving more regularly up and down Witkoppen Road, while my eyes will be fixed on the road,  my taste buds will be salavating for the exceptional food at my destination in Pineslopes.


2 thoughts on “Plate Up: Superbly Le Souffle

  1. OK, I’m easily talked out of Mexican food here 🙂 I’d love to taste the ‘Salmon Trout with a Flapjack and Horseradish Sauce’ it will be the first time I’ve had a flapjack without maple syrup 🙂

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